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Chiropractic Care for Children

Chiropractic Care and Children

Chiropractic and children
We are very experienced in treating babies, toddlers and older children (school age and teenagers).

For your child’s best possible outcome, we may recommend that we work with another health care practitioner in conjunction with our care. This might be a podiatrist, physiotherapist or health visitor. Any referrals would be discussed with you as and when necessary and appropriate.

When you bring your child to our Chiropractors, we will take a thorough medical history from you and if appropriate your child and examine your son or daughter's posture and muscle balance, as well as reflexes, gait (walking) and joint function.


Children are treated very differently from adults, treatment is very gentle takes into consideration their skeletal, muscle and ligament maturity. We utilise many soft tissue and gentle mobilisation techniques plus advice with regard to age appropriate home exercises.

We also discuss issues such as footwear, school bags, computer usage and activity levels.

Advice – guidance – support
Childhood and teenage years are very important for the developing structure and we therefore offer one-to-one rehabilitation programmes for retraining and strengthening the muscles of the spine.

Village Chiropractic Clinic has baby changing facilities and is very child friendly. We have plenty of toys to help to keep your little one busy. The clinic is in the ground floor with no stairs. You are welcome use our free car parking which is situtated immediately outside the building. The clinic is breastfeeding friendly with the majority of chairs specifically chosen to make this easier for parents. Our reception staff will happily warm up bottles or baby food if required.